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1. Product type: Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth upgrade cable, Bluetooth module Warranty period (the following range is only for non-human caused quality problems) 1.1 Mainframe One month for a new one, two years warranty (currently only in mainland China) 1.2 Accessories in addition to the host (subject to the list of items in the product manual) Battery Two-year warranty Charging compartment Two-year warranty Headset (including headset head, Bluetooth module headset) One year replacement, two years warranty Accessories No warranty Packing material class (box, warranty card, manual) No warranty 2. Product Type : Headphones Warranty period (the following range is only for non-human caused quality problems) 2.1 Non-replaceable headphones (H1) One year for new, two-year warranty (currently limited to mainland China; * for new only refers to the main body of the headset, excluding silicone covers, boxes, manuals and other wear and tear parts) 2.2 Exchangeable headphones One year for new, two-year warranty (currently limited to mainland China; * for new only refers to the main body of the headset, excluding the headset cable, silicone cover, box,
manual and other easy to wearparts) 2.3 Accessories other than headphones (subject to the list of items in the product manual) Accessories No warranty Packaging materials category (color box and other perishable parts) No warranty
Headphone upgrade cable and other cables One month to replace the new, six months warranty 3. Product Type: Wires, Accessories Warranty period (the following scope is only for non-human caused quality problems) 3.1 Wires One month for new, six months warranty 3.2 Other accessories (such as silicone covers, headphone bags, metal boxes, memory foam, etc.) Silicone cover, memory foam opened without warranty, metal box, headphone package within 7 days of receipt of quality problems can be replaced.

My TRN headset is malfunctioning, what should I do?

When you have any problems with your beloved TRN machine, you can't figure out how to pour yourself, then you and the TRN customer service of the fate of the road is open, because your machine mayneed to return to the factory to a full body checkup. We have the following 7 channels to contact our customer service girls or little brother to a "medical examination scheduled" or "pre-self-check tips".

Customer Service:13650007224

Sina microblog: @TRN headphones

WeChat public number: TRN brand


Tmall: TRN Tmall flagship store

Jingdong: TRN Jingdong Flagship Store

You can also add our WeChat customer service Oh!


Choose the most suitable for your feedback platform, the state of your machine described under the customer service girl to determine your machine is indeed the need to return to the factory, we recommend that you can fill out the after-sales form, and fill out the host together to send back to us to check. Please be sure to read the notes in the after-sales form yo ~

Can I send it back without contacting customer service? Of course you can, but sometimes the condition of the machine does not necessarily need to return to the factory, so you will waste your shipping costs it. Because there is no special circumstances, you generally need to bear the return of the return machine shipping costs, of course, after the repair of the machine we will also bear the freight will be sent back to you.

Please note that if your machine is man-made or out-of-warranty cases need to be charged, the maintenance staff to confirm the problem after the customer service girl will contact you and inform the charges.

What kind of journey will the machine go through when it is reworked?

1. Preliminary inspection and information registration: After you send the machine to us by courier, the customer service girl will make a preliminary inspection of the machine's condition, and then enter the information system according to the form information you fill out.

2. to the repair room pending inspection: customer service girls will send the problem description form together with the machine to the repair room waiting for repair. Different bodies will be labeled with stickers, so do not worry about the machine mixed up, properly.

3. Inspection and repair: Our professional repair staff will inspect and repair your beloved machine according to the problem points provided. Repair process, the repair staff will also try to protect the appearance of the machine yo.

4. QA inspection: The machine will be sent to the QA room for inspection after repair, the machine is 100% full inspection. If qualified, that will be received by the customer service girl, if not qualified, will be returned to the maintenance room for reconditioning.

5. machine appearance cleaning: careful customer service girls get repaired machine, will first tear off the label stickers, and then carefully wipe clean the machine body with machine water, warm, very thoughtful it.

6. warehouse delivery: customer service girls will be immediately followed by a single shipment on our ERP system, packaged and shipped by the warehouse

7. fast single SMS notification: Once the courier receives the goods, we will enter the corresponding single number in the system, at which time your cell phone will receive a text message informing you that the machine has been serviced and sent back, and the relevant courier single number.

How long does it take for the machine to go through these processes?

The total time is 10 working days.

Initial inspection, entry into the system, and delivery for repair (1 day) - QE (1 day) - Maintenance room overhaul (6 days) - OA inspection (1 day) - Shipping (1 day)

If your machine is in a special condition, there will be an extra day for the QE engineer to check it. If any part of the process is fast, the machine can be sent back to you in 7 or 8 working days.

Why did my machine receive more than 10 working days?

1. Is your machine directly sent back to our company for processing? If you are through the purchase of the seller for repair, it may be more than 10 working days, because we say 10 working days, from the day our customer service girl received the machine, the intermediate agents to arrange the time of goods sent back or other circumstances caused by the delay is not controllable time.

2. As the process says if the QA inspection fails to require repair and overhaul, there may be more than 10 working days, and sometimes because of delays caused by untimely replenishment of maintenance materials. Sometimes we need to train new maintenance personnel to expand our maintenance team, so some progress is also affected. In any case, if there is a delay, our customer service staff will inform you in advance if they are informed.

Because of our headset 2-year warranty policy, coupled with our new product models are more and more, multiple reasons, our maintenance work is getting heavier and heavier, but we have been trying to provide the most expeditious after-sales service process to you, if there are places that are not well, please understand more Oh.

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